As spring approaches and drivers in Albuquerque, NM begin planning for family vacations and outings in the warmer weather, it's important to ensure that your vehicle is in top shape. Understanding the maintenance your car needs at the beginning of each season can make car care throughout those months much simpler and less expensive.

One easy way to prepare for spring driving is to flush and refill the radiator of the car. In addition, the level, concentration, and condition of the coolant should be checked from time to time. This process helps to ensure that the car's air conditioning is in good working order for those hotter spring days.

Another important step to take is to replace all the car's filters, including air, PCV, and fuel filters, as the service manual recommends.

Visit us at Corley's Albuquerque Volvo and let us service your car so it's in perfect working order for your springtime driving.

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