Some vehicles are stars of the show, and that is what you get with the Volvo V90. It is a popular wagon, not only because it is luxurious but because it is reliable. The following features help this vehicle meet your needs while driving through Albuquerque.

All-Wheel Drive

Trust the V90 to get you there, no matter the road conditions because of its all-wheel drive performance capability. This feature makes driving through snow or rain a little less scary by giving you more control. It should also be pointed out that the traction gives you a better handle on turns and swerves.


You can be eco-friendly and wallet-friendly all at once with the V90. This vehicle comes with a start/stop tech engine that stops using fuel when you stop while driving. Those pesky red lights or stop signs won't burn through your fuel anymore.

These are just features we think make the Volvo V90 special, but we want you to experience this vehicle with a test drive, so schedule one as soon as you can.



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