Make the New Volvo S90 Inscription Trim Your Next Purchase

Why should you make the new Volvo S90 Inscription Trim your next automotive purchase? These are a few reasons this popular luxury sedan is flying out of the showroom at Corley’s Albuquerque Volvo.

With the Blind Spot Information system, your new Volvo S90 Inscription is able to detect when a vehicle is getting to close from behind and will give you alerts. Your side mirrors begin flashing warnings, so you maintain the safety of your lane until the vehicle moves on.

Your Volvo S90 also makes use of the Adaptive Cruise Control to support a safer driving environment. By way of forward-mounted sensors, a lead vehicle is identified so that a buffer zone is created. That buffer will be maintained while you are driving even if the lead cars speed up or slow down suddenly.

Take this new Volvo S90 Inscription on a test drive to see these features in action!

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