Brake Pads Play an Important Role on the Road

Underneath every vehicle, there are multiple disc brakes that constantly interact with a spinning rotor. A brake caliper is attached to the rotor, and it serves one purpose on the road, which is to apply pressure. It always squeezes the rotor when the brake pedal is used. These are basic brake pad functions that influence a vehicle's stopping power.

Because there are many types of car manufacturers, the general design and layout for most brake pads will vary. Some pads may have full metal surfaces, and others might feature a housing that consists of semi-metal components. The main construction matters as it greatly influences performance during braking situations. For example, if a pad is made out of an industrial material that isn't overly rough and dense, less noise will generate when it creates friction against a tire.

Brake pads only produce consistent results when they're properly maintained. If you need help keeping your pads in optimum condition, the crew at Corley's Albuquerque Volvo can help. We service traditional and advanced brake pads for automobile owners throughout Albuquerque.



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