2 Safety Features that Make the Volvo XC40 Stand Out

Corley's Albuquerque Volvo has a number of SUVs in stock with several popular variations, like the XC40, which is considered more of a subcompact luxury SUV. Part of what makes this SUV special are its safety features.


Albuquerque may be a safe place to live in, but you've surely seen an accident or two. There is nothing wrong with being prepared and Volvo understands this, which is why it installed pretentioners in the XC40. This seatbelt system automatically tightens the belts of each passenger to place them in the optimal position during a collision.

Stability Control

This is another system that Volvo thought would be helpful. Every vehicle has handling limits. Exceeding these limits could make it hard to control your vehicle, which is pretty dangerous. Stability control senses these moments and applies brakes and speed limits to try to give you control.

These are just some of the ways Volvo has created an SUV with safety in mind. Go ahead and schedule a test drive of the XC40 to see what else it has to offer.



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