How To Avoid Tire Blowouts While Driving

In addition to leaving Albuquerque drivers stranded on the roadside, tire blowouts can lead to total loss of control and serious car accidents. Fortunately, tire blowouts can be easily avoided with the right maintenance and preventative strategies. At Corley's Albuquerque Volvo, we want to help local motorists stave off these incredibly scary events.

Never Under- Or Over-Inflate Your Tires

You never want to make the mistake of driving on tires that you've under- or over-inflated. Both of these mistakes are common causes of blowouts. Keeping your tires intact starts with proper use and good maintenance. Make a point of regularly checking these components before long drives so that damages, aging, and issues with inflation can be identified and addressed.

How To Deal With A Blowout

When diligent tire inspections and tire maintenance don't prevent blowouts from occurring, it's important to know how to respond to one. Avoid slamming on your brakes and try letting your vehicle slow down gradually. Once you've made it safely to the shoulder of the road, set up flares or reflective cones for other drivers. To know more about avoiding blowouts, or to have your vehicle serviced, come see us at Corley's Albuquerque Volvo today.


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