The Volvo XC40 is certainly making major waves over its innovative safety features that make this car reliable and stress-free to drive for both you and your passengers. Consider what makes the Volvo XC40 so safe with a breakdown of the top safety features below.

One of the standard and effective safety features of the Volvo XC40 is the anti-lock braking system that keeps you from colliding with other cars or objects to prevent an accident. There are also airbags surrounding passengers and the drivers to cushion you in a sudden impact. The stability control makes it safer to drive the Volvo XC40 in bad road conditions because it kicks in whenever the car senses that you are traveling at a high speed.

Come on down to Corley's Albuquerque Volvo for a personal test drive of the Volvo XC40 and see how safe this new model really is for yourself.



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