Short Trips Can Cause Problems With Your Car's Exhaust System

Short trips are one of the main causes of problems in a vehicle’s exhaust system. If you live in Albuquerque, you are used driving only a few miles for your daily circuit. The problem with short trips is that they do not give your engine time to eliminate water, carbons, and chemicals that build on your vehicle’s exhaust components and pipes.

When an exhaust problem occurs, it can easily be detected with changes in your car’s sounds. The majority of exhaust system problems include holes throughout the pipes that funnel heat and exhaust away from your car’s engine. When pipe breaches happen, very noticeable noises start. These noises are most prevalent at starting up, shutting down, and during periods of long acceleration. If you are climbing a hill in your car, and the noises and vibrations are loud, it could be that your exhaust system needs attention. Though exhaust problems are not usually detrimental to your engine, they can affect things like gas mileage.

One of the most common problems with exhaust systems is corrosion on the pipe leading to the muffler. Road chemicals are notorious for eating away metal. If exhaust pipe corrosion happens, entire pipe sections might need replacement. Professionals at shops like Corley's Albuquerque Volvo can pinpoint the exact location where corrosion is happening. Pipe sections can be replaced easily, and a quick check will locate any other exhaust issues.



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